Monthly Archives: July 2004

Who Needs Consistency?

This survey of current research on cultural factors on influence is really interesting: ?One explanation for these cultural differences is that internal consistency is not as relevant for members of more interdependent cultures. Specifically, collectivists may be less committed to their previously stated preferences because there is no expectation for past preferences to be reflected […]

Scoring some Rory

Rory has now been assimilated. I think most people, including bouncers at MVP events, thought he was an employee anyway, so making it official was the obvious thing to do. He’s a perfect fit, and a great hire. Congratulations to Rory, and congratulations to us!

The Bush Deficit, Clinton Recession

This election season, you are hearing all sorts of seemingly reasonable claims about economics being put forth by all three parties. While these claims are being made and parroted by otherwise intelligent people, most of them are completely ignorant and misleading. Although informed voters have absolutely no impact on the outcome of an election, you […]

Why not to Bid on Google IPO

I’ve been resisting the urge to say anything about the Google IPO, but since Dan Gillmor has asked the question, I’ll add in my comments. First, it was surprising to see a Silicon Valley influential being critical of the deal. Most of the SV influentials have already been cut in on the deal.These people who […]

DNC Convention Bloggers

Watching is way cooler than watching the TV. The information comes across as being far more credible, because you can instantly triangulate between various opinions, get lots of personal little tidbits, and form your own impressions. The voices are pretty unedited and raw; there are no Republicans on there AFAIK, but I still am […]

Massive Database Theft

Who knew about Acxiom? ?Acxiom, one of the world’s largest data aggregators, has information about virtually every adult in America. It also manages and enhances data for major banks, insurers, direct marketers, the credit bureau TransUnion and others. It has developed some of the world’s most sophisticated data analysis software, some of which it uses […]


Microsoft has acquired LookOut! This is awesome!!! LookOut has spread like wildfire, by addressing a really glaring gap in Outlook’s support for searching mail. There are lots of non-obvious implications for this deal; I think it’s going to be a big long-term win for us.

Bloggers as Revolutionaries

This article at ZDNet discusses ?Fixing Flaws in Microsoft’s Big Picture?; repeating the common theme that the company is growing kinder and gentler. The final paragraphs of the article talk about the blogging ‘revolution’ at Microsoft: ?Cultic thinking rarely survives prolonged contact with the real world … that contact is increasing exponentially; there are hundreds […]

Boom Day

Today is the day that weexercise ouracoustic startle reflex. I’m finished with my experiments, but the neighborhood still sounds like a war zone. Why is it that loud booms, whistles, and bright lights are always accompanied by the urge to chew starburst? I just started going through Copi’s Symbolic Logic for the nth time, andpaid […]

Engineers and Politics

Apparently the ACM is preparing to make a press release about the viability of electronic voting machines.The net result is that newpapers will soon be blaring the headline that ?ACM sayselectronic voting machines are not safe for democracy!? In some bizarre pretense at democracy, the ACM has presented only the arguments which favor their opinion, […]