Monthly Archives: August 2004

Benoit Mandelbrot

I’m currently sitting in a lecture by Benoit Mandelbrot. The father of ?fractals? is at Microsoft ostensibly to promote his book, ?The Misbehavior of Markets?. He hasn’t actually touched on markets yet, though. He is reviewing his life work and explaining how it all fits together. He calls his overarching passion, ?the science of roughness?, […]

Disabled Musicians

The competition is going on right now; you can listen to several disabled musicians and vote for your favorite. The winner gets a cash prize. It’s not a recording contract, but it begs the question of why the larger ?Idol? style contests do not have more disabled representation. Is appears that the primary disability for […]


Does ?bottling up? your feelings really make things worse? Is a pressure cooker really a good way to think about negative emotions? Grade school teachers, Reader’s Digest, news media ?experts?, and Oprah all told me that catharsis (letting off some steam) is necessary and healthy. However, I had never seen scientifically documentedevidence of this. Interestingly, […]


Sometimes it seems that political ads are crude throwbacks to the days before modern advertising science. Hackish play on emotion and raw demagogeury are par for the course. However, a new Kerry ad makes me think that the political campaignsare at the forefront in pushing the science of influence. The ?you will lose? ad is […]

Scoble BBQ

Dave took some pictures at Scoble’s BBQin his honor. You know a party is a success when my daughter says, ?we should come back every day!?. I’m not sure if it was Maryam’s desserts or Jeff Sandquist’s dog that got her attention, but she was impressed. I spent some time talking with Dave about uses […]

Sex and Cash

Dare is discussing the ?Sex and Cash? theory over on his blog. Basically, the idea is that you always have a tension or duality between ?paying the bills? and doing the ?sexy? work that really interests you. The thesis is that people who say, ?do what you love, and the money will follow?, are overly […]

Life Among the Mammals

I see Doc has already picked this one up. ?Life Among the Mammals? is going to be fun to follow. Expect Len to take some time learning to pace himself.

Willing but not Eager

Why do some people hide information, others give out information willingly, and others spew their information to anyone who will listen (or read)? I recently discovered an interesting experiment which attempts to shed light on the latter two types of people. The experiment attempts to understand if there are fundamental differences between people which could […]

The Village

Our team went to see Shyamalan’s ?The Village? today. Some reviews have already discussed the obviousmetaphors in the movie. One set of allusions which seem to have missed the critics, but which seemed fairly obvious to me, were the allusions to Lucifer/Prometheus stories. The two protagonists’ names, ?Lucius? and ?Ivy? should be a strong clue. […]