Monthly Archives: September 2004

Canadian Healthcare and Economics of Relationships

Wouldn’t it be great if you could pay some extra money to move to the front of the line in those long waiting lists for Canadian healthcare? Marginal Revolution describes the case of one guy who is trying to buy a spot in line from someone closer to the front. The economic implications are very […]

Decibel Festival

Now that Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival (DEMF/Movement) is officially in trouble, the local Detroit scene is struggling, and three generations of Detroit talent have moved to Europe; there is no reason not to try having our own ?Northwest Electronic Music Festival? here in Seattle. Next Saturday, the first annual Decibel Festival hosts some of the […]


For residents of Washington: Tomorrow we hold primary elections for the State of Washington. There are several interesting races, including Governor, one Senator, and Supreme Court Justice. If you aren’t yet registered to vote, you still have 15 days or so to get registered for the November general elections:

Rather Scary

When I read Bernie Goldberg’s book, “Bias”, a couple of years ago, I remember thinking, “This guy really hates Dan Rather!” Goldberg paints a picture of “The Dan” being a sort of old-school strongman, driven by ego and paranoiasimilar to that of thedictators he covered. Goldberg discusses at length Rather’s obsession with Nixon, but describes […]

Russian School Seige

If you read the newspapers, you would think that the recent terrorism in Russia is simply a side-effect of Russia’s policies in Chechnya and the failure to make peace with the rebels of that region before the elections. However, I think there is a lot more going on here than Chechan elections, and especially so […]

Don’t Call it Shorthorn!

A number of years ago, when I first met Seth Russell and William Loughborough, Seth talked about his visions of a personal semantic store. Although WinFS is not based on RDF quads, it is a contextual triple-based store. I felt that WinFS was a big step forward and could help bootstrap many ?semantic web? applications. […]