Decibel Festival

Now that Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival (DEMF/Movement) is officially in trouble, the local Detroit scene is struggling, and three generations of Detroit talent have moved to Europe; there is no reason not to try having our own ?Northwest Electronic Music Festival? here in Seattle. Next Saturday, the first annual Decibel Festival hosts some of the best Detroit DJs ever, as well as lots of local talent playing house, funk, and techno.

Of course, I’m a bit skeptical about the ?death of Detroit electronic?, since the size of the music was never measured by club attendance or articles in Metro Times (or attendance at ?Movement? for that matter). And when DJs like Magda claim that they are staying in Europe because it’s too much of a hassle having police shut down parties in Detroit, I have to wonder if they even remember where they came from. But if all of this is an excuse for bringing Twonz to Seattle, that’s great. Supposedly the venue on Capitol Hill holds a lot of people, so it should be really good.

Paxahau has DJ sets from most of the Detroit DJs if you want to listen online and get a feel for the styles. One of my favorites from outside Detroit or Northwest is Dylan Drazen, who has hundreds of hours of DJ sets from live appearences over the past 4 years online for download to your iPod.

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