Monthly Archives: January 2005

Thoughts about iPaq h6315?

I am thinking of buying this phone, but I can’t make up my mind. If anyone has experience with this model, I would love some feedback. For context, I already am using the T-Mobile Pocket PC phone for a number of years. I have evaluated all of the ?Smart Phone? phones and think they are […]

The Problem with nofollow

As the blogosphere toasts itself over the collaboration that went into nofollow, I can’t help thinking that it’s way too soon to declare victory. Dare points out that it was a bug for vendors to assume that all links are links of positive mention. But the point is that an href never provided any additional […]

XBox World Domination

From the recent press release: ?Smashing previously established records, the Xbox Live community has logged a record-breaking 91 million hours playing “Halo 2″ since the title’s launch — more than any other Xbox Live game in the two-year history of the service. In addition, the instantly immersive gameplay has resulted in close to 61 million […]

End of Candor

Seth Godin is great, because he’s just as eager and evangelical when he’s wrong as when he’s right. He’s raising the red flags like a modern-day Paul Revere, ?YOU CAN’T TRUST BLOGS, THE CIA MIGHT WRITE ONE!!!? He’s wants to make sure that you know your expectations are about to change, and that he was […]

Lazy Germans

The average German works about 2.5 hours per calendar day. The link has more analysis about lazy Germans in general, but I am more interested in the related issue: do you know how much productive work you do each day? Time, like money, is a resource which you spend largely at your discretion. To maximize […]

Do No Evil/Good

I think Bosworth made a mistake to join into argument with the GPL zealots about Google’s ?contributions? to open source. Dare’s narrative gives the best summary. I discussed exactly this issue with Eric Raymond a few years ago, when I postulated that the GPL would serve as an incentive for software companies to leech OSS […]