Monthly Archives: February 2005

Dumb Ideas

Good heavens! Beer with caffeine. People who like to mix stimulants with depressants (at the same time)are few in number and short-lived; this is not an attractive market.

Son of Smart Tags

The debate over Smart Tags has errupted again. Microsoft was forced to pull the feature 4 years ago, but Google has stolen the idea and is running with it. Dave, Rogers, and othersare screaming bloody murder. Four years ago, I argued that the idea was impossible to stop, and that Google was a likely candidate […]

Lisp vs. Smalltalk

Don Box is considering what programming language to teach to best round-out his children. When teaching programming as a way to balance a child, rather than to accomplish specific programming tasks, it’s interesting to think about the thought patterns that the language encourages or enforces. Languages like Basic, C, and Assembler always bothered me, because […]

iPod Transitions

Dave just went through the distress of losing his iPod, finding it, and apparently losing it again. I know how it feels. This Friday, I dropped my iPod while it was running, and it does nothing now but click and whir. Luckily all of my music, including several hundred dollars of purchased songs and books, […]

What’s up with sxip?

So all of the smart people say that sxip is the ultimate single-signon system. The docs look nice enough. But how am I supposed to use it? I can’t find a single ?HomeServer? listed on the site. If I have to implement my own server to get logins, it’s not very SSO, is it? Additionally, […]

Ontological Hell

Marc is talking about ways to organize ?tags?. Organizing tags in a hierarchy of namespaces (or filtering with manually managed social networks) is just another way of proposing ontological hell. A middle ground between wide open tagging and namespaces would be for tags with ambiguous definition to cite the particular definition in the dictionary to […]

My RDF Litmus Test

Here is my litmus test of RDF. If someone feels that rdf:type is optional, and at best a hint, then that person ?gets it?, and has the same view of the ?semantic web? vast potential as I do. If that person feels that rdf:type is critical, then they are clearly locked in 1980s thinking and […]

ACLU Stomping Free Speech?

The ACLU is trying to get you to panic about free speech. Attacking the government and corporations is fine, but once every single individual in the country becomes a pantechnicon-toting pal recording everything in their personal experience willing to share observations with anyone else, it’s going to be impossible to prevent the pizza scenario from […]

Cheap Metadata

For years, we have heard otherwise intelligent people carp about how ?metadata will never work?. But history has marched on, showing example after example of sucecssful applications of metadata. The nabobs have been forced to continually tweak their embarassing position, now warning us all that ?application of metadata to problem X using technique Y will […]