Monthly Archives: March 2005

Synergistics and Economics

Buckminster Fuller’s philosophy has had a big impact on me. Like Viktor Frankl, Fuller discarded the prevailing wisdom of his day (scarcity in the case of Fuller, existential angst in the case of Frankl) and presented an answer so rational and human that we wonder why we didn’t see it ourselves. Fuller basically proved that […]

Spain’s Drug Abuse

This is really a test post, to see if my RSS feed comes back properly, but I thought these charts were interesting. Is it really true that the Spanish are at the forefront of abusing every drug except ecstasy?

The Web Outliner for OPML?

A couple of years ago, someone e-mailed me saying that they had taken my JavaScript Outliner (sample) and built a bunch of additional features into it. I would really like to try doing more of my outlining in a web browser now, and I like the Radio UI. However, I can no longer find the […]

Book Review: Confessions of an Economic Hitman

I recently finished reading Confessions of an Economic Hitman. In this book, John Perkins writes about his career as a self-described?Economic Hitman?. Essentially, Perkins worked for a contracting company where he produced fraudulently inflated economic forecasts to justify large world bank and IMF loans to governments purchasing his company’s services. His company was the (erstwhile) […]

China Democracy?

Marginal Revolution points to a study whichattacks themyth that prosperity leads to democracy. With respect to China, I’m increasingly puzzled that we ask the question at all. Many Chinese are convinced that they do vote for their leaders. I read about elections all the time in People’s Daily. Of course, I’m just making a point, […]


I finally took a good look at Crossfader. This thing is HOT! How the heck did they convince DJ Spooky to do a spot for them? Eric Schmidt used to work in WebData with a number of us blog diaspora, and we bothhad a passion for good techno and spinning. He is much more talented […]

Who Was a Rat?

[via doc], should be called who was a rat, since it lists agents and informers who are already compromised in other sources. But it is an interesting take on the ?Committee of Gossips?. When the semantic web makes it possiblefor everyone, like Stasi,to rat on everyone else, people will fight against it and try […]

Will Blogging help a Realtor?

Roland Tanglao is discussing the value of blogging for a Realtor. The realtor claims that there is no gain for realtors in blogging, even with high Google rank. When I looked at the Realtor’s site, I could see why he says that. I might go to a Star Trek convention with the guy (if I […]

The War is Over (WS-* vs. POX/HTTP)

For a few years now, we have seen two camps warring over the future of the Internet. On one side, we have the people who believe that WS-* specifications such as SOAP and WS-Security will eventually dominate. And on the other, we have people who believe that HTTP with plain old XML (POX) will outlast […]

Corporate Blogging

Last week, Shel Israel interviewed me for the book that he and Scoble are writing, code named ?The Red Couch?. He wanted to talk about my being the first corporate blogger at Microsoft, and the impact of blogging both internal and external to the company. First, while I think that we had to overcome some […]