The Web Outliner for OPML?

A couple of years ago, someone e-mailed me saying that they had taken my JavaScript Outliner (sample) and built a bunch of additional features into it. I would really like to try doing more of my outlining in a web browser now, and I like the Radio UI. However, I can no longer find the pointers to this application. If anyone reading this knows where the tool is, please post in my comments section.

1 thought on “The Web Outliner for OPML?”

  1. Hi,
    I read your note about that you like the Radio UI of (Outliner?) here: where you asked for feedback for anyone knowing where the tool is. I don’t know if this is what you are looking for, but earlier this morning I came across an article about a “Radio Userland” on this web page:

    It’s probably not what you were looking for, but it seemed like a similarity, so in case it might be something you are interested in, left the above link.

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