Monthly Archives: May 2005

Seattle Accent

There is apparently a debate about whether the Northwest has its own accent. It’s surprising that there is even a debate. If you talk to anyone who grew up in this area; especially the non-urban outskirts, you can immediately tell — and the accent is definitely different from California and Canada. I think the reason […]

What’s up with x104?

Since moving to Seattle from Detroit 7 years ago, one of the things I have missed most is quality local radio. Being used to talents like Bushman, Electrifying Mojo, and “The Reverend Doctor Deacon Doug”, Seattle radio was a joke. The whole Northwest has never had a real hip-hop station. But about a year ago, […]

US/China Trading Bloc?

Zimran Ahmed is asking why the alarm about the Yuan. I have my own questions. If it is good for the Europeans to share a common currency, why shouldn’t the U.S. become more competitive by forming a single-currency trading bloc with China? Pegging yuan to the dollar means that we’ve alreadycreated a de facto common […]

Genius in Shanghai

With all due respect to Tyler and Bill, this oneis wrong. It is not an insightful question about globalization at all. “Twenty years ago would you rather have been a B-student in Poughkeepsie or a genius in Shanghai? And today?” Thechange in answersis purely becausethe political climate in Shanghaihas changed; it has nothing to do […]

What a Character

Seth Godin, having discovered RSS just a few weeks ago, is now ready to proclaim that RSS is part of the new litmus test to distinguish between digerati and the lumpen. Most people I know who fit his litmus test would not fit my concept of ‘digerati’, though, so it goes to show that such […]

TIP: Visio Auto Layout from C#

I couldn’t find this anywhere on the web, and needed some help from Visio team to figure it out, so here it is. If you want to get your shapes to layout using left-to-right flowchart format, use the CellsU property on the pagesheet: Document doc = app.Documents.Add(“”);Page page = doc.Pages[1];page.PageSheet.get_CellsU(“PlaceStyle”).FormulaU = “2”;page.PageSheet.get_CellsU(“RouteStyle”).FormulaU = “6”;// code […]

AJAX and Accessibility

At the recent friday cabal, while discussing AJAX and extensibility, I was struck by one of the more interesting implications of the rapid adoption of AJAX toolkits. Currently, everyone is building toolkits to help them buid richer client-side logic in DHTML and JavaScript and to communicate with HTTP web services. These toolkits will save developers […]