Monthly Archives: June 2005

Book Review: The Art of Project Management

The Program Managerrole at Microsoft is not anything like the “Program Manager” role outside of Microsoft, and is not really the same as a “Project Manager” role at most places. Program Managers in product development are a mix of “Business Analyst” and “Project Manager”, with a few other things thrown in. For people familiar with […]

We in the mood to fight

My daughter’s ballet recital yesterday featured music by Ying Yang Twins, 50 cent, and Moby. It was not that long ago that each of these acts were underground. This is a topic Dare blogged recently; calling out his favorite dirty south acts. I’ve followed the evolution of dirty south music since Master P and Silk […]

The Flipside of Identity

Yesterday, while discussing some of my favorite topics with someone, I argued that identity and semantic web are two sides of the same coin. This is a recurring theme in the 10^10 vision, and it turns out I’ve touched in the topic in this blog before. Oneperspective is that consistent identityis necessary forbroad implementation of […]

Guha @ Google

[via Danny] OMG… In the past I have tried to get Google excited about triples. Now I am praying they are not. Let’s just hope Guha got bored with the whole semantics thing and was hired by Google to design search crawler optimizations.


Some REST-heads have spun up a mailing list to discuss creation of a RESTful web-service description language. Some could see this as a counterattack on WS-MEX, and I think the idea of service/contract descriptions is a bit contrary to REST’s advantages (use REST when you want lightweight, loose integration; use WS-* when you want deep […]

What’s a TB?

A fewyears ago, some casual comments from Miguel started me thinking that video-on-demand at home might be realistic. I’m now pushing 2TB of wireless on-demand media at home, and nothing could be easier. My Comcast wireprovides on-demand to a comparable catalog. I fully expect Netflix to be supporting on-demand any day now. This just illustrates […]

Fish Without Bicycles

Shel quotes Gladwell, “Ideas … spread like viruses do”. Gladwell’s “Tipping Point” introduced many people to the basic ideas of memetics. Many people readingthat Gladwell line may have recognized a reference to ex-Softie Richard Brodie’s “Virus of the Mind”, which itself is really an attempt to popularize Dawkins. In a 1983 column in Scientific American, […]

Spelunking my DNA

Well, the very first results from my DNA spelunking have arrived. So far I have received only Y-chromosome 12-marker test; much more detailed tests will be available over the next weeks. I was not surprised to confirm that I am haplotype R1b. One interestingfinding was in the ethnic origin of currently living people who are […]