We in the mood to fight

My daughter’s ballet recital yesterday featured music by Ying Yang Twins, 50 cent, and Moby. It was not that long ago that each of these acts were underground.

This is a topic Dare blogged recently; calling out his favorite dirty south acts. I’ve followed the evolution of dirty south music since Master P and Silk da Shocker through 3-6 Mafia and onward. I guess it was around DJ Skrew that the “sizzup” culture started to get integrated into the music; and it’s been amazing to see a totally fresh and creative new branch of the art develop from that. I think the stuff around 3-6 Mafia time now looks pretty lame in comparison to what’s out today; but that’s just because the stuff out today is so good.

In addition to the songs Dare mentions, I think Jim Jones & Juelz Santana “Crunk Muzik” is a great introduction to state of the artform today. The music is so different and fresh, you’ve never heard anything like it. And it is really, really good; you wonder how it wasn’t invented before now. As long as mankind can keep channeling brand-newworks of pure genious like this, you know the world is all right. The lyrics are nice, too:

“You know what the movements like
You know how we movin’, right
Move, cause we in the mood to fight”

I think the current Pistons vs. Spurs NBA championship has some parallels to the current music industry. Detroit has to take notice when Atlanta and Texas start dominating the hip-hop charts. I’m still not quite sure how Houston went from being the land of a million bottlebags to being a leader in urban culture, but it’s a welcome change.

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