Monthly Archives: July 2005

IE7 Breaking Competitors?

Once again, it turns out there is no conspiracy.

Getting your site ready for IE7

One of the realities of modern web development is that you’ll often have code which behaves differently depending on the web browser you’re using. In the past, this conditional code was usually intended to work around incompatibilities in the CSS standards support for the various browsers, but this may become less of a driver as […]

MSN Virtual Earth V1 is Live!

This team moves fast. Virtual Earth is now live. See Dare’s Seattle MovieFinder, which shows how to overlay your own code on top of the maps.

Google vs. Microsoft in China

The usual suspects in the media are having a field day with the story about Google poaching an MSFT executive to run their Beijing office. Unfortunately, all of the reporting I’ve seen is rather lazy and sensationalist. My first instinct was, “why no such reporting when Li Gong left Sun to head up Beijing operations […]

Bill O’Brien on IE7

Bill is skeptical of IE7, “Historically, developers do no real work on MS products until they’re gold because MS has a habit of changing things at the last minute.” I used to work at an ISV, so I know the feeling. But I think developers will see IE7 as an improvement, and in large part […]

Defending Alaska

Omar has been slamming Alaska Airlines over on his blog, joined by Dvorak. I have been guilty of slamming particular airlines on this blog, and will spend lots of money to avoid flying United or Northwest, so I think he has every right to do this. But I want to counter his criticism of Alaska […]

Feed formats in IE7

You’ve probably heard by now that IE7 will ship with ability to read RSS feeds. Sean Lyndersay just posted the details about which feed formats it will support: RSS 0.9x, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom 0.3 and Atom 1.0. This support is exposed as an API as well, so developers can count on a consistent […]

Movie Review: I Heart Huckabees

Three years ago, I wrote “if a plot-segment has to jump out and grab the audience by the throat and scream “Look at me! I’m a moral dilemma!”, it is probably not much of one.” “I Heart Huckabees” begins by introducing a man gripped by existential crisis. He seeks the services of an existential detective, […]

Complex Navigation in Cities

I’ve blogged a few times about the London cabbies, and the potential to help people grow hippocampal neurons through use of simulated landmark navigation problems. The natural question for someone seeking to develop a therapeutic video game would be, “just what sort of map layout is best for neuronal activation?” This summary of recent research […]

Apple’s RSS Parser

Dare weighs in on the hubub about Apple’s buggy RSS parser. I have a strong feeling that the people who developed the parser were convinced that they were doing the right thing (i.e. “be liberal in what you accept and conservative in what you send”). Butthis ispretty bad. Behavior like this poisons the wells, and […]