Monthly Archives: August 2005

I’ll be at PDC

Since my current team owns PDC, I’ll be in LA from Sep 12-16. I’m hoping to hook up with as many old friends as possible. You can find me at any of the IE events, or send me an e-mail if you want to try hooking up elsewhere at the conference.

SQL Server in the Real World

I have been a faithful subscriber to Mark Rittman’s Oracle Weblog for a long time, because he tells the war stories about what it’s like doing large scale implementations of Oracle in the real world. The kind of real-world experience he communicates is worth far more than any marketing fluff or sanitized documentation from Oracle’s […]

My New Job

About five years ago, I switched from field consulting at Microsoft to a job in the product groups. I loved working in the field, but wanted to shift to the PM role for awhile. In part, this was because my wife and I were about to have a baby, and one of us had to […]

Buggy Software

After flattening my machine a couple of times, and trying over 6 months, I finally got MSN Desktop Search to work on my machine. This was necessary because one of my installs (maybe WinFX beta) broke LookOut, and I absolutely can’t live without full-text search of my e-mail. So now Outlook is almost unusable. I […]

Lighting up the Lexicon

I’m convinced that someone at Microsoft has been deliberately injecting words into the industry lexicon. My mind keeps track of relative word frequencies, and every now and then I’ll see a new outlier pop up — first in some BillG and other keynote speeches, then spreading throughout the employee base, and then into the industry […]

Book Review: Saving the Appearances

I hadn’t heard of Owen Barfield before last month. Based on an interesting quote and a recommendation that he has a “unique epistemology”, I picked up a copy of “Saving the Appearances“, and just finished reading it. It turns out the book isn’t really an epistomology, but rather a treatise on the author’s opinions about […]

Detroit Chemical Plant Explosion

The blogosphere is way behind the MSM in reporting the explosions at the Detroit chemical plant. The location is not that far from DTW airport. My first thought was of Detroit’s Bhopal (well, mostly steel, but still some chemicals), Zug Island. It’s the year 2005, and there is even a musical group of relative notoriety […]

AJAX Irrelevant?

Marc Canter argues that AJAX is a dead-end street, arguing that “new paradigms like Laszlo and Avalon are required for us to build the future.” I have to agree that the next generation of tools will bring better experiences, but the fact that better tools have existed for a long time, and nobody used them, […]

Strange Ads

What’s with the Oakanfold Pepsi ads? As if “Starry Eyed Surprise” wasn’t obvious enough, they had to throw in a glittering rollergirl. Really lovely, but… And how about the Vehix, “what you wish you could do in real life, now you can do online”. Every one of them shows something that is quite possible to […]

Identity Meltdown

Kim Cameron remixes some recent press coverage of the declining trust in e-commerce, a trend he calls identity meltdown. I first became interested in this topic in 1992, when I found it possible to transfer all of my money from one state to another with some very superficial identity checks performed by the destination bank […]