Monthly Archives: September 2005

Shared Map Browsing via IM

I just got done browsing the globe with someone via an IM conversation. This is freekin’ awesome! From MSN Messenger, start a conversation with someone. Then, “Actions”–>”Start an Activity”, and then “Virtual Earth”.

DVD Format Wars? Ho Hum

Excellent description of the decision process that led to Microsoft backing Toshiba’s new DVD format. But I have to say I’m puzzled at the level of attention devoted to this by the tech press. Everyone seems to think we’re still arguing about betamax versus VHS. When people argued about VHS versus betamax, it’s because VCRs […]

Troubling Exits?

Derek Denny-Brown has left Microsoft. I was fortunate to be able to PM for Derek for about a year, and I learned a ton. Derek worked on the very first XML stack at Microsoft, and touched pretty much every XML product we shipped, from the time it was unknown to all but SGML-heads up until […]

Panel: Future of RSS

One of the fun things I got to do for this year’s PDC was to help organize a panel on “The Future of RSS”. I am sitting in the front row right now. Summary: great audience interaction. The audience was a mix of people who were relatively new to RSS, people implementing in LOB and […]

Calling WS-* from AJAX

Last night, Kirk Evans invited me up to his WS-Cocktails party on the roof of The Standard, a redux of WS-Sushi (aka Rorygate). Rory wasn’t there (although there have been sightings here), but I got to talk with a bunch of WS-* and Indigo people. One of the things that came up in my discussions […]

Peter Torr: Why not Hash Anti-Phishing URLs?

Peter Torr explains some of the reasons why Phishing Filter does not hash URLs when looking up visited sites. As always, product design involves many tradeoffs.

PDC Must See: IE7 on Vista Security Architecture

If you write browser extensions, such as ActiveX controls or BHOs, FUNL03 is a must-see. 11:45-12:30 tomorrow in Halls C&D. Rob Franco and Walter VonKoch will be talking about the security enhancements to IE7 on Vista. If you always thought it was a truism that “the web browser runs in user space, so if you […]

Random PDC Brain Dump

So I arrived at LAX today, got checked in to the hotel and had a couple of meetings. This was a little complicated: The power in L.A. went out today, jamming up traffic and causing minor chaos. A couple of delays for people, but no big deal. My hotel, New Otani, is further from the […]

NPR Podcasts

Want to have NPR shows downloaded to your MP3 player automatically, for listening at your convenience? 130 shows available via podcast now. Look out, sattelite radio.

Jimmy Hates IE

Or more accurately, he hates IE “beyond words”. I can’t say I can identify with the precise emotional state, but when I read his blog post I could sure identify with his description of hitting a CSS bug and searching for hours for the right hack. A short while ago, Chris Wilson of the IE […]