Jimmy Hates IE

Or more accurately, he hates IE “beyond words”. I can’t say I can identify with the precise emotional state, but when I read his blog post I could sure identify with his description of hitting a CSS bug and searching for hours for the right hack.

A short while ago, Chris Wilson of the IE team revealed that IE7 is planning to fix a lot of CSS bugs. While some web devs complained that it’s not enough, most web devs recognize that it’s movement in a positive direction. Seeing Jimmy’s sample work correctly in IE7 (B2) with no hacks was gratifying to me, because it helps support the idea that we’ve been prioritizing the right fixes.

In addition, I’ve watched Markus’s paper on hasLayout take shape over the past month. Scott Isaacs recommends it, and the good news is that many of the workarounds become unnecessary in IE7. Having seen both of these developments firsthand, I can testify that these guys really are paying attention and prioritizing proper standards support. And this attitude is one that I’m confident will carry over into future releases of IE for the forseeable future.

In other news, Start.com is now launched. I made start.com my homepage when they enabled roaming, and haven’t looked back. It’s fun to see small teams within the company kicking butt and creating cool stuff.

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