Monthly Archives: October 2005

Why Most Published Research Findings are False

Why is it that it’s considered noble to ‘reason’ with someone, but’rationalizing’ isconsidered to be dishonest? How is an ‘excuse’ different from a ‘reason’? The words all describe the same activity, saving the appearances, but the various forms connote differing degrees of relative ‘truthfulness’, something which is hopefully determined independently of ‘reason’. The modern day […]

More on CSS Hacks

Wow, it’s nice to see the folks at positioniseverything endorsing the demise of CSS hacks in IE7. Second to useragent string detection issues, CSS hacks that used to work in IE6 but no longer work in IE7 (due to CSS fixes) will probably be the most common cause of compatibility issues for IE7, and will […]

Indentured Servants?

News today is that some in Congress want to up the H1-B visa limit by 30,000. It’s nice, but not much. I’ve ranted about this before, and in fact the situation has gotten worse. It’s surprising to me that this issue, known as “retrogression“, hasn’t received more press attention. Basically, due to massive backlogs and […]

Who’s the Master?

Google does spell-checking based on how frequently similarly-spelled words appear in the billions of texts they index. Many other sites do spell checking based on official references such as a dictionary. Which is “right”? It’s surprising how many people will argue that “The Dictionary” is the authoritative source for word spellings — and word definitions, […]

Better Living Through Shared CMS

William offers The Answer for Microsoft. I agree with the vision that’s articulated there, and as an industry we are much closer today than 5 years ago. Some quick thoughts, unpolished: Steve Ballmer has pointed out that Office strength comes from the fact that the average information worker spends more than 60% of their working […]

Normalizing Citysearch

DeWitt Clinton noticed that Citysearch ratings have inflated in the past few years, and decided to do something about it. His greasemonkey script normalizes the ratings to pick out the true top. Check out his before and after pics. This approach should be the front line filter for all semantic web trust problems. I envision […]

Why is Microsoft Afraid of Google?

This is a really bad article. The article asserts two falsehoods: one, that Microsoft is afraid of Google; and two, that Microsoft will win by being a relentless tortoise and copying features. Let’s talk about the “copying” theory first. Five years ago, Bill Gates shook up the industry by announcing a dual-pronged strategy — all […]