Monthly Archives: November 2005

Wellformed RSS and RFC 3023

We’ve announced that the RSS platform in Vista will permit only well-formed XML. Most people are celebrating, but there are some comments that indicate some people may be confused. To clear things up, this statement is ONLY about well-formed XML. It is NOT a statement about validity, or conformance to any other spec, including any […]

A change in URI parsing between IE7 and IE6

As has been reported, IE7 consolidates URI parsing code into a single library. I’ve been playing with this a bit. To IE6, the following 6 URIs are equivalent. To IE7, only 5 of the 6 are the same: file:/c:/foo bar/x.txt — IE6 Works, IE7 Works file:/c:/foo%20bar/x.txt — IE6 Works, IE7 Fails file://c:/foo bar/x.txt — IE6 […]

Microsoft and ‘Live’

Dave Winer is blogging the ‘Live’ announce in San Francisco, live, as is Dan Farber. Finished now; here are my notes: First, I think Bill sets the stage nicely by explaining the age of software on your PC is over. There is an explosion of devices, and the only way to tie them together and […]