A change in URI parsing between IE7 and IE6

As has been reported, IE7 consolidates URI parsing code into a single library. I’ve been playing with this a bit. To IE6, the following 6 URIs are equivalent. To IE7, only 5 of the 6 are the same:

  1. file:/c:/foo bar/x.txt — IE6 Works, IE7 Works
  2. file:/c:/foo%20bar/x.txt — IE6 Works, IE7 Fails
  3. file://c:/foo bar/x.txt — IE6 Works, IE7 Works
  4. file://c:/foo%20bar/x.txt– IE6 Fails, IE7 Fails
  5. file:///c:/foo bar/x.txt– IE6 Works, IE7 Works
  6. file:///c:/foo%20bar/x.txt– IE6 Works, IE7 Works

Since it impacts the single slash file:/, it doesn’t appear to impact http:// URIs.


Update: more on this at http://blogs.msdn.com/freeassociations/archive/2005/05/19/420059.aspx.

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