Monthly Archives: January 2006

Google Announces Desktop Linux, Down $59

Google announces Desktop Linux, shares down $59 in after-hours. Coincidence? Unfortunately, yes. Despite the silliness of the idea, and flashbacks to Sergey “We Do Not Compete with Microsoft” Brin, the stock is down because they only made 80% profit growth. Well, more because they missed earnings. So it’s not so much a problem of profits […]

IE7 Tech Preview Available Now!

Get it at This release is primarily intended to help web site designers and extension developers prepare for the broad release of IE7 Beta and RTM in coming months. I have been using IE7 builds exclusively for several months, so it is possible to do this, but we are aware of a number of […]

Google Collaborationists

I am surprised that no enterprising young reporter has decided to “connect the dots” regarding Google and the “evil Chinese censorship”. The facts are easy enough to verify. Google has one of the highest per-capita concentration of children of Chinese central government officials of any U.S. organization their size. Now, I would not claim that […]

Disturbing Reality TV

So, today I caught a fragment of a reality show on VH1 which I’ve never seen before. The show is about a bunch of women who compete for a chance to “get with” Flava Flav, apparently. As you can imagine, a woman who’s “big break” is to sleep in a room with a bunch of […]

No Mr. Ballmer, You Cannot Have the Web

For the past couple of months, I have been heads-down organizing content for MIX06, a new conference to be held approximately 8 weeks from now. People might have rightly seen some indicators of a larger trend in deals with content owners like MTV, and carriers like Verizon. People might have seen the numbers showing how […]

Let’s Hack a Gibson, Dude!

And you thought “Hackers” was a pathetic Hollywood attempt to reflect leet culture. Turns out you actually can hack a Gibson.

More Blog Censorship in China

Lots of comments about the case of Mr. Zhao’s Spaces blog being shut down. I don’t have any inside information about this one, so my opinion is based on what I can read and gather from public sources. The net, however, is I think people just don’t get it. First, China and America do not […]