Monthly Archives: February 2006

All Your Information Are Belong to Google

According to TechCrunch, the new Google Desktop will now store it’s desktop index on Google’s servers (if you opt to do so, and research shows that people will give out their SSN to total strangers). This is exactly what I’ve been warning Google would do, although a lot quicker than I anticipated. It seems especially […]

Friendster. What Went Wrong?

TechCrunch talking about Friendster, asking “what went wrong”? In my opinion, the question should be, “why did anyone expect it to increase in value?” The story of friendster illustrates several themes about Internet culture that I’ve talked about before: Social Behavior is Fickle – people hang out at a physical place, because it’s the place […]

The RSS Experience in IE7

Dare is on a roll, complaining about the RSS experience in IE7. He points to a bunch of people who say that IE7 isn’t an RSS aggregator, and then for good measure, posts again saying that IE7 isn’t like RSS Bandit (an RSS aggregator). In fact, a week earlier, Jane Kim (PM for RSS in […]

Send Valentine

Plaxo today is showing a nifty new “Send Valentine” button in the Plaxo toolbar. Plaxo must know something about their customers that I don’t, because I never would have thought it convenient to bulk-send valentines to my contacts list. On the other hand, Apple seems to be clueless. I pointed out the shortage of pink […]