Monthly Archives: April 2006

Ruby, Rails, Box, and Gosling

Today Don is talking about Gosling’s anti-scripting rant. When Gosling wrote this, I found it rather “interesting”, since I had just finished having a similar debate with David (inventor of Ruby on Rails), and Anders (architect of .NET and C# among other things). David and Anders are both from Denmark, so they decided to hang […]

1TB Moonshot?

Scoble lists five ways to save Microsoft. My thoughts on each: 1TB Free Storage for everyone: Is that really a moonshot? 1TB costs less than $1000 now. 1TB sounds big to people like us who grew up when 64k was a lot of RAM, but I don’t think it’s going to impress the second-life generation. […]

President Hu at Microsoft

Here is a video of Chinese Employees from Microsoft welcoming President Hu Jintao outside my building (taken by a Chinese employee). “Huanying” (welcome) happens about 10:20 in. Employees from Shanghai and Beijing tend to be very suportive of the government’s policies. A handful of protesters are assembled across the street. The same scenario played out […]

People more likely to read stories with sex in the title

Today BBC is reporting that sex cues ruin men’s decision-making abilities. This is news? I thought it was the oldest story in Judeo-Christian history. Several of the advertisers in BBC use this fact to their advantage. In fact, I suspect that BBC ran the story as a way to get clickthroughs, rather than to present […]

People-Ready Gears

Marc Canter poked some fun at Microsoft’s People-Ready Ad Campaign. Yes, the point of the ads is that the people are the most important part of the picture. Today on CNet, I saw a disturbing example of people fitting into business process. The ad is full flash animation, of a man in business dress bouncing […]

First Experiences with is a fairly simple idea: whenever you go somewhere to hang out, you send a message to the service, and then if any of your friends are in the vicinity, it will tell you and you can hook up. So I finally decided to try it out, and signed up yesterday. So far, […]