Monthly Archives: May 2006

Choice Hacker Quotes

Maybe the most famous, “Your Kung Fu is No Good!” – Mitnick One of my favorites, “I am a simple victim of a random hacker who has stolen my good name and has now soiled my good reputation” – Scott Steinmetz And today we have, “If you’re a corporation, you can just lock everything down. […]

More on myMicrosoft/miniMicrosoft

Lots of comments on the Mini-MSFT blog about the employee ratings changes. Yesterday, I pointed out that the curve was always psychological, but I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that what happened yesterday was incredible and laudable: Towels got the big applause? Why? Because it shows that management is listening, paying attention, […]

The Death of Stack Ranking

It is with mixed emotions that today I witness the death of stack ranking at Microsoft. In my opinion, it’s all a psychological trick, but in the past year or so I have grudgingly come to accept that it might be good for the company. The fact is, by banishing the curve, we are changing […]


MSR released MapCruncher 2.0 today. This is a tool that allows you to take any map you might have (subway map, hiking trails, campus map) and seamlessly overlay with Virtual Earth. Imagine zooming down from outer space, directly to your back yard, and seeing your garden layout nicely mapped. Pretty cool!

WS-* Meets REST

Doug demonstrated this, working code, to me a few months ago. This sort of thing, baked into IE and Firefox, would change the whole landscape for people wanting the features of SOAP, but in a RESTful programming model.

Was WS-* a Failure?

Dare excerpts Yaron Goland, explaining how MSN uses POX instead of WS-* in many cases. It is very good to see MSFT employees no longer afraid to say that WS-* is sometimes not the right choice. On the other hand, it’s reasonable to say that WS-* met most of its objectives; and IMO has been […]

Fear the Government

Front page news today, the NSA is collecting information on phone calls. Funny, it wasn’t frontpage news for the past couple of years, when that stalker down the street could buy your phone records on the Internet for $70 (yes, yours). And the article seems to completely ignore the fact that the information is there […]

Blog Popularity Contest

I’ve thought about the recent public spat between Dare and Al, and feel a need to weigh in. First, I respect Al a lot. He helped build IEBlog into the most-read blog at Microsoft, and shares my fascination with Golden Dawn (and random other) arcana. And I think I understand how he feels. He has […]

Closet RDF

Somehow I missed this from Sam Ruby, during the chaos planning for MIX06. Sam gets the attention of “Mr. Safe”, and then proceeds to scare the living crap out of him. The real gem, though, is when Sam explains to Mr. Safe that “Joshua Allen secretly favors RSS 1.0″. Well, no comment — but may […]

Kennedy and Ambien

Did anyone else notice this? Painkillers had nothing to do with Kennedy’s accident; so why act as if he’ll fix everything by going to rehab for painkiller addiction? I think his internal logic goes like this: “Stupid fool; I should have given the car keys to the housekeeper before I took Ambien! Well, as long […]