Monthly Archives: June 2006

VicG Leaving

News today that the GM of my team, Vic Gundotra, will be leaving Microsoft for a year and then joining Google. It’s a big loss for us, and an even bigger gain for Google (they are dead last in the industry at some of the things Vic knows how to do well).  My only consolation […]


The words “pimp” and “pimping” have become somewhat common, and I often hear people using them incorrectly.  Wikipedia is basically useless on this subject, so I am submitting my authoritative dissertation as a service to the world. For starters, “pimp” has largely fallen out of use as a term to describe a man who finds […]

Deep Structure of Language

In English, we use “have” to represent past experience, and “will” to represent future — “I have skied before”, “I will ski tomorrow”.  Since English is full of homonyms, we seldom think about the fact that “have” is also used to indicate posession, and “will” is used to represent desire (“I have some money.  I […]

Ballmer Irrelevant?

Business 2.0 says Ballmer is irrelevant.  It’s typical that the tech press is repeating rumors, speculation, and basically piling on.  I hate to be a Kool-aid pimp, but this is just silly.  Ballmer came on-board when everyone said Microsoft was dead, and he doubled revenues in a six-year period.  I challenge anyone to name a […]

User Created Content

Jon Udell continues his crusade to obfuscate the idea of “user-generated content”.  As Orwell implored in “Politics and the English Language”, people should call a thing what it is — it’s user-generated content. There are problems with Jon’s two proposed replacements.  First, “reader-created context” is what Stumbleupon does.  It’s what digg does.  It’s not what […]

Radio Hotness

I’m spending a week in Hot97 home territory, after spending a week in Power106 territory.  I make the comparison a couple of times per year, and still have to say that Hot97 is on top. For the people obsessed with the “long tail” of music production, and the power of outlets like iTunes to disintermediate […]

RSS from WCF

[via Doug] Who says that RSS and WS-* aren’t complementary?  Certainly not the Indigo (WCF) team.  Now that IE7 is making RSS consumption an afterthought for application developers, WCF is doing the same thing for RSS production.  The WCF RSS Toolkit “supports exposing a service as an RSS 2.0 feed, Atom 1.0 feed and SOAP […]

Scoble’s Bridges

Scoble says “farewell“, and Nick Carr says that Scoble might be burning bridges.  Scoble tends to never say bad things about past employers, so perhaps Nick doesn’t trust Scoble’s comments about the situation.  On the other hand, I’ve known Scoble since three companies before he worked at Microsoft, and I’ve never hesitated to say exactly […]

Giving Away Attention

[via Scripting] Gillmor challenges Microsoft to endorse free and open attention data interchange.  He then asserts that Google would surely follow suit (if not lead the way), and Yahoo is just nervous.  To me, this is as naive as Tim Berners-Lee currently going around saying that “the semantic web is finally happening”. I want to believe […]

Hitting Reset on the Blog

I’ve run this blog on dasBlog for the past few years, but finally got tired of the comment spam and strange permalink bugs.  I’m trading in for a new set of idiosyncracies with WordPress.  Expect old posts and comments to be imported to this blog as I have time. I have decided not to map the […]