RSS from WCF

[via Doug] Who says that RSS and WS-* aren’t complementary?  Certainly not the Indigo (WCF) team.  Now that IE7 is making RSS consumption an afterthought for application developers, WCF is doing the same thing for RSS production.  The WCF RSS Toolkit “supports exposing a service as an RSS 2.0 feed, Atom 1.0 feed and SOAP endpoint simultaneously”.

2 thoughts on “RSS from WCF”

  1. How does the WCF RSS toolkit show that RSS & WS-* are complimentary? if anything it shows that WCF is capable of building services that aren’t just WS-*/SOAP based. That’s cool but has nothing to do with WS-* and RSS being complimentary.

  2. I wasn’t making the case that they are complimentary (though I thought about doing so). Rather, I was making the case that WCF team does not feel that they are NOT complimentary. IOW, don’t accuse us of being REST-hostile. This isn’t ex-post-facto; I actually made the distinction deliberately when writing the post.

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