VicG Leaving

News today that the GM of my team, Vic Gundotra, will be leaving Microsoft for a year and then joining Google.

It’s a big loss for us, and an even bigger gain for Google (they are dead last in the industry at some of the things Vic knows how to do well).  My only consolation is that Vic (unlike a few others who have left) worked hard to grow the management chain beneath him, and has cultivated one of the stronger and more competent orgs at the company.  This isn’t just spin — I’ve blogged in the past about cases where I felt that managers did not cultivate an org that could thrive without them.  But things change, nobody works at one company forever, and the best you can hope for is that someone leaves the group stronger than it was when they arrived.  Vic definitely did that, and more importantly, left behind a group that is committed to doing the same.



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