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Internet Killed the Real Estate Star is playing on this sensationalist theme; but I think it’s grossly inaccurate. The basic argument is applied to all sectors of commerce; and does a good job listing the other industries that have been altered by the Internet.  In summary, buyers can connect directly with sellers now, so the middleman is no longer […]

Digg Humor

Now this is funny.  Reddit links to a digg story, planted to link back to the same reddit story.

Pope and Israel

Lebanon, the model of diversity, democracy and peaceful prosperity in the middle east; is being bombed to smithereens by Israel.  And Pope “I was NOT Hitler Youth!” Ratzinger says “Bad Israel!”.  Iran and Syria are licking their lips.  India and China are probably puzzled by all of the hooplah, but for everyone else in the […]

Launching Low Integrity Level Process

If you’re using the code sample for launching a low integrity process in the protected mode for Internet Explorer whitepaper, you may be getting an error that complains about RtlLengthSid.  We’re working to update the code sample.  In the meantime, look at the code below.  You’ll have to add all of your own error checking, […]

Amnesty International: Give Us More Money to Do Nothing

I am sure that Amnesty International gets tons of money from Microsoft employees.  And it’s great that people can feel good about themselves by spending money to change the world.  But this is really a waste of time. Basically, AI wants you to boycott Google, since Google gave information to the Chinese government.  This is […]

Argo and Zune?

I can’t comment on whether I’ve heard rumors of an ipod-killer from Microsoft.  But if I did, I probably thought “someone is telling me this crazy story just to see if I will leak.”  I am happy to say I passed the test.  Someone else failed the test, though, and speculation is running wild. Now, […]

Quick Snack?

I am pretty adventurous in what I eat.  However, there are still some “snacks” which my wife prepares that I refuse to eat.  Fish eggs, seaweed, special wasabi sauce, and brown rice vinegar.

Oh No!!! People Will Love It!

Please tell me this is a bad joke.  We ship a piece of software that allows people to encrypt their own personal files.  Some enterprises realize that users might actually use the software, and they cry foul.  So we kill the product. That is completely insane.  Clearly people are fiending for this functionality.  Unless this […]

Google CEO says “Suck it Up”

The Google CEO is now saying that click fraud isn’t a big problem; it’ll fix itself.  I agree with him, but not for the reasons stated.  I think he tries to come off as being honest, but is rather deceptive.  His claims: It’s still worth it for advertisers to do business with us.  Click fraud is part […]


GigaOM is now a full-time job, meaning that Om will be blessing us with higher volume of his incisive analyses.  It is a wonderful thing; people pay lots of money for the kind of insights he offers.  The only problem is that it now becomes a full time job for his readers to digest all […]