Pope and Israel

Lebanon, the model of diversity, democracy and peaceful prosperity in the middle east; is being bombed to smithereens by Israel.  And Pope “I was NOT Hitler Youth!” Ratzinger says “Bad Israel!”.  Iran and Syria are licking their lips.  India and China are probably puzzled by all of the hooplah, but for everyone else in the world (Arab, Jew, and Christian), this is looking a lot like the big party we’ve been waiting more than 2,000 years for.

So it’s really incredible to me that some Irish backhoe operator would turn up a previously unknown 1,200 year-old religious manuscript from the cadre of monks who scribed Book of Kells, and that the book would “happen” to be opened to Psalm 83.  All the experts say it’s not a hoax.  What do you think?

Maybe somebody is trying to remind Benedict about the debt he owes to the Schottenkloster.  The Pope may be German, but the religion isn’t.

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  1. A couple of weeks ago, my Grandmother was reading a more recently published mystery novel and she asked me… “What is a B-L-O-G?”.

    I explained the concept and I told her that you were an expert. She was quite impressed.

    So, anyhow, I read her this blog post today, by way of demonstration of what can be posted in a blog. She was keenly interested. She says that they threw a lot of slaves out in the bogs, so they were all the time finding ancient yet well preserved bodies in them. She couldn’t determine how an ancient psalter would find its way into a bog, however. But, I don’t think it is fake, because a priceless book, 1200 years old, is pretty hard to hoax.

    Anyway, a few minutes later, she pulled out an Irish psalter that she reads from each morning. The psalter is a song/prayer book from her days at the Church of Ireland (The Church of Ireland is an Episcopalian church which she attended in her youth before young Billy Graham’s crusade in Belfast and her switch to the Great Victoria Street Baptist Church). Well, she turned to the ‘Breastplate of St. Patrick’, squinted her eyes to see the tiny print, and she read each verse to me in a thicker accent than I am used to hearing. I was touched by the way she read it, and I thought I would share her Episcipalian version of it here…


    Apparently, the original was composed by St. Patrick himself as he was being attacked by Druids. The translation she read is from the Victorian era. She also sang it in church (set to music of course).

  2. Wow, pretty cool! Makes me think more of Father Sanborn and the pre-Vatican II Catholics; and in general the very negative view the Catholics took toward reformation. Ratzinger was a liturgist. But the sins of central liturgy were clear to Luther. While Catholic Encyclopedia to this day blames everything on Luther and points the “futility” of subjectivism; they seem unwilling to admit that perhaps central liturgical control is futile.

    One theory about this particular psalter was that it may have been dumped after a raid. Speaking of the “bog bodies”, this is something I’ve been wondering about lately. First, the recent study explaining how the Anglo-Saxons set up a complicated system of apartheid that wiped out a huge chunk of the British gene pool in a short period of time [0]. And in the past 1200 years, the picts and druids were completely wiped off the face of the earth — at least in terms of Y-chromosomes. One wonders how much pictish blood survived, and what pure pict and druid were like. Supposing in the next ten years, the frankensteins in Korea or Italy succeed in cloning humans from DNA. Wouldn’t it be HOT to dig up a pictish bog body and bring his twin back to life today?

    [0] http://dienekes.blogspot.com/2006/07/how-anglo-saxons-outbred-british.html

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