Monthly Archives: August 2006

VCs and Taint

Dare has an interesting post on the way that VCs are now bragging about how they steer clear of anywhere Google might go.  I’ve noticed that VCs often think in “big dog”, “Moneyball”, “old boy” terms, so it’s not surprising.  That’s the challenge for Umair; he covers all of the same topics as the VCs, […]

Don’t Marry a Smart Woman?

The editor of Forbes is trying desperately to put his magazine out of business.  This rubbish belongs in Maxim, not Forbes. Statistics show that couples are more likely to stay married if each person feels that the other doesn’t have many better options.  This is the most important factor in success of a long-term relationship, and […]

Talking Signs Seattle!

Congratulations to Seattle for winning the Federal DOT Grant for Remote Infrared Audio Signage!  This means that various real-world places around Seattle are going to be annotated with identifiers which can be directionally detected. This should be interesting to Virtual Earth people, Wikimapia, and anyone interested in tacking metadata to real-world locations. Talking signs address […]

Burn the Books

So, as I predicted when I booted all of my subscribers and converted this blog without copying old posts, my Google PageRank has plummeted (to 3).  I have actually brought back most of the old posts, but the URL format is a bit different (although the file at exists on the filesystem, WordPress returns a […]

Idea Slaves

Aaron Clauset has a rambling post attempting to contrast science favorably with non-science.  The key defining difference is easy to sum up; science seeks to disconfirm.  The rest of his post talks about things that are shared by science and non-science alike. He does quote a useful little statement, which can be applied to the […]

When Privacy is Bad: In Defense of Google

As much as I love to see people questioning Google’s stewardship of “all the world’s information”, I have to defend Google on this one.  An anonymous poster claiming to be from MSFT is over on a Google blog –using the AOL data leak as a way to smear Google.  That’s just plain wrong; and in the context of […]

Jealous Scientists (Argument is a Whore and a Cuckold)

Every now and then on this blog, I poke fun at oversensitive “scientists” who are so wrapped up in the theology of science that they would greet Francis Bacon with Cartman-esqe screams of “RESPECT maaah authori-TAY!!!“ So I just love that “Nature’s Fundamental Laws May be Changing“.  To me, it is common sense.  Francis Bacon […]


Two cool articles on Ajaxian today.  One discussing ways that JSON is replacing XML as data transport for some web scenarios, and another showing how XML Data Islands can let you grab XML without needing to explicitly parse with MSXML.


Mini is lamenting the growth in hiring at Microsoft; missing the “good old days”.  But I’m not complaining.  Yesterday, on my way across the soccer field, going from building 18 to meetings in buildings 10 and 2, what should I see, but … Ponies!!! Yes, ponies, clowns, about 10 inflatable rides, a choo-choo train!  Sno […]


Ikea has something for everyone.  When we eat, I can get my comforting meatballs, potatoes, and cranberries.  My wife can get slimy sealife that has been pickled, preserved, ground up and smoked.