Monthly Archives: September 2006

Brier Dudley Doesn’t Pretext

Brier Dudley is a journalist for the Seattle Times.  He blogged a reply to my “Defending Dunn” piece. He says, “I’ve never heard of any reporter using pretexting. It’s a slimy tactic and the information gained wouldn’t be worth the effort and ethical taint. A list of phone calls may be useful to a corporate […]

Correcting the Record on Hailstorm

For some reason I never saw this MarkL post on Hailstorm when he posted a year and a half ago. Wow.  It’s amazing to me that 5 years later, there is still such a huge disconnect between the way the Hailstorm/Win32 people write history, and the way the rest of us saw it.  Thank God (and Eric […]

Hammering Thumbs

Blake Ross talks about how the old Netscape Browser was one big WTF.  His post led me to one of the old Netscape devs (everyone knows jwz) claiming that, “to a database person, every nail looks like a thumb.” It’s lovely, because it’s in the same post claiming that you would be crazy to use […]

Random All-Hands Notes

Random braindump as today’s DPE (Developer and Platform Evangelism) team meeting kicks off: I found 3 different routes to get from the conference center to B34 Cafe with minimal rain; all involve various underground passages.  (We have a life-size cutout of Hitman in our cafeteria now; think stealth) There are tons of people in DPE from Michigan; […]

Defending Dunn

Now Scoble is demanding that the entire HP board resign.  I love how people are backtracking now that it looks like Perkins and the others stink a lot worse than Dunn.  Scoble is lamenting the death of the “HP way”.  Was the “HP way” the completely irrational (and overtly offensive) way that the old boys […]

Buy Yahoo

Yahoo down 13%, “surprised investors, already hurt by a 26% stock slide this year”.  Unless Google also loses at least 50% (indicating industry-wide problems), this is completely irrational.  Yahoo is kicking Google’s butt in every single category except organic search.  Their competence across the board is beyond question.  Microsoft should buy them.

Don’t Erase

So, I recently finished Dunbar’s “Grooming, Gossip, and the Evolution of Language”.  Although I am not convinced about Nostratic, Dunbar gave more than enough material to convince me I was right about past/future tenses in Chinese and English.  I think it is pretty obvious, and was probably common sense to people with access to Alexandria library. […]

Is Your Car Spying on You? Is Your Car Spying on Me?

Another nail in the coffin of Doctorow’s “metacrap” arguments.  I never want to see anyone citing that inanity again.  Doctorow said that metadata would fail because “people are lazy”, and “people lie”.  The fact is, privacy is dead, because people are too lazy to STOP their metadata from leaking, and too lazy to lie/cover their tracks.  And […]


Tantek asks how we can kill bad ideas before we end up killing people. While it’s useful to look at ideas through the lens of biology (“memes”), epidemiology, or systems theory; this is also the biggest error.  Human “ideas” are unique in all of nature.  Humans (like apes or dogs) are capable of making a […]

The Disillusionment of Pete Wright

Pete Wright says “Goodbye Microsoft!”  Several people assumed that he was quitting a job at Microsoft; or that he was quitting his job because of Microsoft products. But that’s not true. In fact, you can paraphrase his letter as “I can’t stand the companies, and particularly the people, who use Microsoft software; so I am going […]