Monthly Archives: November 2006

Windows Server 2003 on EC2

Here is a tutorial for getting Windows Server instances running in EC2.  Might be a nice stop-gap in the short term.  I will be trying out these instructions shortly.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Snowstorm!  We usually get to have at least one snowball fight per year on campus, but this year we got a demolition derby. Right at rush hour, the whole area was hit with a massive snow dump.  Normally, the technique for snow driving in Seattle is to just avoid people with BMWs or Mustangs.  But that’s impossible in […]

Arnoldo Talisman and Shockin’ Nigerian Hip-Hop

Dave Winer is lamenting that it’s not too easy to find cheap/free firewood nearby.  He makes some great points.  Eric Schmidt of Google says it right; we are still in the infancy of this technology. But it’s getting better every day.  For years, I have been trying to locate information on UGO, a Nigerian rapper […]

Walk the Line

The Levi’s commercial covering ‘Walk the Line’ is presumably a light piece about young love, but it’s got an undercurrent of ‘suffocated love‘ that’s undeniable.  The phrase, “because you’re mine” has always been jarring to me.  I remember one woman I knew many years ago, who explained to me “I want to have a baby, because then […]

Yahoo! Peanut Butter?

Everyone is chattering about the Yahoo! Peanut Butter Manifesto.  Every BigCo has problems of overlap, lack of accountability, and people who think those problems are worse or better than they really are. In this case, though, I’m a bit confused by the memo.  Everyone knows that Flickr and Delicious are tiny compared to the competing Yahoo! […]

Electric Light

AUX 88’s song Electric Light, (from Xeo-Genetic) is one of my favorite electro techno songs.  The intro starts with: “Momma told me there would be light at the end of the tunnel.  But she never told me it would be …” Then the chorus, “if you can see, what I can see, then you will […]

Sounds Like iPod

In China, iPod is pronounced ai-po.  I never saw anyone using an iPod, but saw plenty of APPO and AIGO mp3 players.  The ads on TV look like Apple ads, too.

Dawkins is an Ass

Dawkins and Collins, two preeminent geneticists, are arguing God vs. Science.  I think Collins makes some flying leaps and panders slightly, but Dawkins is out of control.  He’s close to understanding the entire universe in his own mind.  I have a little parable from his own field of study to instruct those who care about […]

Indentured or Bound?

The legal concept of “bond”, or “binding contract” denotes lack of freedom, hardly different from “bonds of slavery”.  Generally, we consider a bond ethical if there is consent, and if the person consenting is judged of sound mental state with sufficient information to choose. It’s a nice concept, but it’s not as simple as declaring […]

MIX07, Office 2007, and Vista

Today you can start registering for MIX07.  I have no idea why the early bird specials extend to March 15.  That basically means we’ll sell out long before the “regular” price is ever invoked, and we’ll be too full to let the full-price people in anyway.  Don’t count on getting in at full price. Also […]