Monthly Archives: December 2006

I’m a liar too

Joel Spolsky demonstrates his exegetic prowess by analyzing a Gillmor missive. Gillmor himself is (mildly) criticizing Dave Winer, who was teeing off on Mark Lucovsky.  Both are riffing on points I made in my earlier commentary on Lucovsky, so I understand where they are coming from. Joel’s commentary is rather bizarre.  Paraphrased, he says “It […]

Momma Nature

Someone in Microsoft’s back yard must have really made her mad, and we’re still feeling her wrath.  I thought the snowstorm two weeks ago was bad, but this is worse.  Thursday night, hurricane-strength winds and rain ripped through Oregon and Washington, toppling trees, causing floods, and leaving millions without power.  Power at the Microsoft campus […]

I’m sitting in the Xbox room in Building 20, and I notice a new wireless network.  Connect successful (that’s Tantek’s twitter page in the background). I couldn’t find the terms of use, though, so I quickly disconnected.

Welcome Home Jon!

[via Jeff] Jon Udell is joining our team at Microsoft.  I’m surprised that none of the people I told about this leaked it before now It’s a shame that he felt the need to defend against appearances of “selling out”.  Let’s hope that’s the last time he feels that way.  Anyone who’s followed him over the […]

Hyper Happy Hair Flip

The very first of the Vista ads are arriving.  Download squad says it’s boring.  You can’t buy Vista yet, so don’t expect too much hype right now. But I don’t know how anyone can say that is boring.  It doesn’t have a storyline or theme, but it’s meant to embed emotional responses in your subconscious […]

Brier Still Doesn’t

When everyone beat me up for speaking the truth about pretexting, I argued that “it wasn’t clearly illegal when Dunn did it”.  I was, like many others, assuming that the hasty California law passage would take hold. Who would have thought?  The law flopped.  It’s still not clearly illegal. OK, we know that Brier doesn’t pretext, […]

Can Microsoft Innovate?

WSJ is running a debate between two of my favorite people, Dave Winer and Robert Scoble.  We gave Dave “firewood as a function of distance and price” before he even asked for it, but I actually don’t disagree with much of what he or Scoble say. On the other hand, I agree with Dave’s assertion that […]