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Good Money after Bad

George: We must do something! If we don’t do something, we’ll die eventually! Nancy: Yes, if we don’t become immortal, we’ll die eventually. George: I’m looking for the fountain of youth. Nancy: That’s stupid.  You are always looking, abandoning your home, and you still haven’t found it. George: You have no plan!  Your plan would […]

Don’t Buy Vista for Security?

Joris Evers at CNET (that’s his e-mail) is now saying that you don’t need to upgrade to Vista; just keep your Windows XP machine patched.  He claims that experts support this claim.  The headline says “Experts: Don’t buy Vista for the security”. If you only read the headline and first two paragraphs of his article, […]

Daily WTF: +1 URI not UorI

URIs are the words of the Internet.  Dare posts a WTF about Java’s URI comparison operator, which is horrendously wrong.  It’s like saying duck = electricity or “when I say bad, I mean good”.  That totally belongs in the daily WTF. I’ve been struggling with the converse this week, which is nearly as bad.  MSDN pages have […]

Intel Chip Fab: Goodbye Silicon Dioxide

Let’s give this video some link love.  I liked the Bad Sinatra video better, but this is newsworthy. Valleywag got the details wrong, twisted and distorted the truth.  Why is everyone still hating on Scoble?  70 interviews with CEOs in 6 months.  That’s incredible.  It’s like a crash course in Silicon Valley business.  Valleywag should partner with […]

Microsoft Payment System?

BillG makes a comment at Davos about a paper he read, and the world goes off into wild speculation.  It’s pleasing that people still give us so much credit.  But integrity is important; let’s not elevate an idle comment to the level of vaporware and FUD.  My responses to some of the speculation: Undercutting credit […]

ASP.NET Application Looks Like Hell on IE7?

The other day, my wife explained that she has been telling her team to use IE6, since IE7 breaks her ASP.NET application.  She has been keeping this a secret from me, since obviously it is a grave violation of trust between mates.  She came to me only because IT is forcing upgrade of IE7 on […]

Firefox and Vista RSS Platform

I whipped up a quick tool to allow Firefox to integrate with Vista’s Common RSS Feed List.  You can download and install it here. After installing, you need to select “Tools | Options” in Firefox, then click the “Subscribe … using” radio button, the “Choose Application” button. Browse to C:Program FilesMicrosoftCommon Feed ListCommon Feed List.exe.  […]

Jimmy Wales & CNN Punk’d?

Concerned about biased and inaccurate material in Wikipedia, Dough Mahugh contacted Rick Jellife (a long-time independent expert in the topic at hand) with a proposal.  He asked if Rick could review the Wikipedia article and make edits according to his own expert opinion, in exchange for money.  Doug further stipulated that he would not review or approve […]

Should Firefox Support Vista RSS?

CNET recently wrote a review of Vista, where they complained that “IE7 RSS feeds get preferential treatment”.  They say: “… there’s a Gadget for subscribed RSS feeds. We downloaded and installed Firefox 2, made Firefox our default browser, and quickly set up a few RSS feed subscriptions. Guess what? The Windows Vista Gadget was unresponsive […]

Free Press Pass

Dave linked to the Mercury News article so I don’t have to.  The article is poorly-researched, poorly-written, and misleading. For starters, it acts as if everyone (including Microsoft) is trying to catch up to Google in Mapping.  That is exactly opposite of truth.  Google is trying to copy and play catch-up to the previously-established players like MSN […]