Monthly Archives: February 2007

Are You Vice Neutral?

Although the former Vice President uses more energy at home in a month than the average American household uses in a year — and more than the average village in the developing world uses in a year, his handlers want us to know that he “walks the walk” and “practices what he preaches” about energy […]

Putting Anti-Evangelists On Notice

Our team just hired another famous person, and now the evangelist haters are getting cranky. In TechCrunch’s post on the topic, an anonymous poster says “Evangelists for Fortune 1000 companies ( not startups ) are highly paid windbags whose job is to catapult the propaganda and apply ‘lipstick on pigs’” Someone on Scoble’s blog is less […]

Bloggers Other Cheek

Bill O’Reilly today is bragging that he forced John Edwards to fire two bloggers who said bad things about Christians.  The other reporters say that the bloggers resigned on their own, but O’Reilly seems intent on proving that he’s a powerful man and not to be messed with.  Apparently the notoriously lecherous and sexist O’Reilly has now coronated himself […]

Revenge of the Tidols

Titles of nobility were tools created by powerful families to keep wealth concentrated within a genetic line.  The precise mathematical formula for optimal inbreeding was embodied in the descending hierarchy of rank.  For a thousand or more years, wealth and genetic ambition have fed the golem of nobility, and at last the golem has broken free […]

It’s Your Fault

Jack Handy — “When a child asks me why it rains, I tell her, ‘God is crying, and it’s your fault’” The government wants you to know that something bad is happening to the weather, and it’s your fault.  That’s great news!  At first I was worried about the poor in my neigborhood.  But I […]

What I Do

My title is “evangelist”.  I tell my Grandmother that I’m a preacher. The title was invented by Guy Kawasaki (the guy who made it cool to have a name like Joi Ito) at Apple.  It’s long been a mainstay at Microsoft, and is becoming more popular in the industry.  But it’s still hard to explain […]