Monthly Archives: March 2007

A Clue for Chris Locke

Chris Locke, one of the authors of Cluetrain Manifesto, allowed his forums to devolve into very personal and graphic sexual harassment.  His attempt to clear his name falls short. It’s great that he actually decided to engage in the conversation.  And it is understandable that he feels like an “angry mob” is engaging in “character assasaination”. […]

Tribalism and Evangelism

Jon Udell talks about being an evangelist, and opines that tribalism may have evolutionary roots, but is more trouble than it’s worth today. Robin Dunbar and Matt Ridley both have books that discuss theories on the evolutionary roots of tribalism.  Once you get beyond the size of a clan (the natural size of population of all […]

Not Just Death Threats

I, too, was sickened to read about Kathy at C.P.U. being harassed and threatened.  I think Scoble gets it exactly right.  This isn’t just about death threats — and it’s our fault for not speaking up more when this was happening in the Anshe Chung case. Scum like this watched the Anshe Chung case carefully.  […]

Playing Halo Makes You Like a Girl

This new study shows that people who play first-person shooters develop a better ability to discriminate small objects in cluttered spaces.  Women are naturally good at this, which explains why they don’t need to play Halo 2.  On the other hand, ability to remember where caches are (like caches of nuts or weapons) is a male […]

Windows Server 2003 SP2 deleting browscap.ini?

There have been reports of Windows Server 2003 SP2 overwriting browscap.ini on machines with new versions of the file.  If you have an updated browscap.ini, you should back up the file before installing SP2, and then copy it back after installing SP2.  If you are arriving at this page because your browscap.ini was already deleted, […]

SGI Indigo

Whoa, Mark brings back some old memories.   The Indigo was a beautiful machine.  My daughter would approve of the colors, and my subconscious still associates the machine with pure speed and power.  It was so beautiful that I could ignore the proprietary compiler and window manager annoyances.  A machine that expensive seems ridiculous today, […]

MSR TechFest Spring 2007

Update: see a virtual race car drive over Rory’s face — completely dynamically generated.  It is utterly un-freekin-believable! Check out this video from MSR TechFest, going on right now.  Rory takes a look at two cool demos.  One is called “DynaVis”, and is basically a tool that makes all of your charts and other visualizations change […]

Indulge Yourself in Good Deeds

I know that I have done some bad things in the past.  But it’s OK.  I’m making a difference! If you see this clever little icon next to someone’s name in MSN Messenger, that person is a good person too!  And you can join in the altruism-fest!  Simply browse to this site, choose from one […]