Monthly Archives: May 2007

Almost Perfect: Umbrella by Rihanna

The greatest love songs and poems are all hymns to Ishtar.  Popular love songs often use blunt psychological manipulation also (appeals to pleasant emotions, desire to be loved, etc.) but at their core they have one single universal theme.  The beauty is in expressing the theme indirectly, ambiguously, and hypnotically. The song “Umbrella” by Rihanna […]

H1-B Visa Politics

Senators Durban and Grassley are now sounding the alarm over H1-B Visa applications, claiming that big evil Indian outsourcing firms are scamming the system to move American jobs overseas. Sorry, but I don’t buy their reasoning.  The facts are laid out in the most prejudiced manner possible, and even then the numbers don’t add up […]

Lessons Learned from Truemors Failure

Truemors launched yesterday, and the blogosphere is already analyzing “what went wrong”.  Although the name sounds like a combination between “tumors” and “tremors”, it’s too early to declare it a failure.  The world needs another place to leak Apple secrets, and the voting feature will help moderate impact of hoaxes like the Engadget “scoop” yesterday.  […]

Flowers from America

If anyone ever asks you to send them flowers from America, because “if it’s from America it is more special”, don’t do it.  The idea that flowers can be more special based on some “branding” goes against 2000 years of tradition.  Flowers are special because they are beautiful and then they die.  Sticking in a […]