Monthly Archives: June 2007

Streamed Template Processing for Data Binding in Silverlight

This is a sample of doing streamed template processing to perform Data Binding in Silverlight.  I had to edit out the description, since MS Word + WordPress was generating invalid XML (how hard can it be?) which was causing feed validation errors. The full template processor, with the MiniCache and PullMePushYou helpers, is less than […]

Eating Chinese Making you Ill?

Every few months, a Chinese employee will send an alarming e-mail to the thousands of Chinese employees at Microsoft, saying “I got sick at restaurant ‘X’, and they had 4 critical red health violations at their last inspection, so STAY AWAY!”  These people usually mean well, but tend to shout “fire” without looking line-by-line at the health inspection […]

Henry’s Hunan, San Francisco

Today for lunch, I decided to try Henry’s Hunan near SF MOMA. I wish I hadn’t. Seattle doesn’t have any authentic Hunan food, and I love spicy, so I try to get Hunan food when I’m in cities that have it. San Francisco has plenty of options in Chinatown, so I assumed that this place […]

Scoble’s Ex-Girlfriend is Mad?

This morning, my wife woke me up to tell me that some woman was talking out of my computer, about “you f-ing the girl next door” uncensored. When I went down to check it out, I found that my computer was playing the full version of Lily Allen’s “Smile”. While it was a relief to […]

How Many Clicks?

I clicked on this ad without being fully conscious of making the decision. When I realized what I had done, I paused to think through the semi-conscious motivations that would make me click on something that had absolutely no interest to me (I have no interest in sports, scoreboards, champions, or “certified for”). The ad […]

Girl’s in Jail

Sitting in a DPE’s “blogger’s lunch” right now, and Jesse mentioned the lovely design behind Reminds me of the Kool Keith song, “Girls in Jail“.

Seoul Hot Pot Korean Restaurant

Yesterday we decided to try the newest restaurant close to Microsoft campus. The restaurant is a Korean place called “Seoul Hot Pot”, just down 152nd Avenue from building 42. (2560 152nd Ave NE, Redmond WA) Until last week, it was known as “Bar Shu”, and the sign hasn’t yet been changed. You can find it […]

A-Che Cuban Restaurant, Beijing

On any given day, there are usually a few people from my team, my wife’s team, or a team I work closely with visiting Beijing. When asked about good places to hang out and eat or drink, I always recommend A-Che Cuban Restaurant in Beijing’s embassy district. I have been several times, and go at […]

Season of New Bamboo

A couple of weeks ago, my team was hanging out at The Tasting Room for lunch, and I was complaining about how my patch of timber bamboo was wiped out completely by the windstorms last year. Only one lone culm survived the winds, and since new growth gets nutrients from the previous year’s culms, I […]