Season of New Bamboo

A couple of weeks ago, my team was hanging out at The Tasting Room for lunch, and I was complaining about how my patch of timber bamboo was wiped out completely by the windstorms last year. Only one lone culm survived the winds, and since new growth gets nutrients from the previous year’s culms, I knew this year’s culms would be small. But none had popped up at that point, despite my vigorous fertilizing and watering.

Then, a few days later, up popped the first brave shoot! Here’s a picture of the growth after just a couple of days. There are at least 4 healthy culms, in the first growth, and though they are tiny diameter compared to the mature culms from last year, they mean that the patch will be back to full glory in a couple of years. My other bamboos are doing great, and I transplanted some of the nigra to some other areas during gardening the past two weekends.

Regular readers may remember about five and half years ago, when I gleefully reported that the brand-new landscaping at Building 35 contained some patches of bamboo which weren’t properly contained and would certainly spread. I was outside at building 35 for the Mashup Day last week and took some pictures.

You can see that the bamboo has filled right up to the sidewalk, destroying any other vegetation that used to be there. It’s a nice patch, and it’s just fine to have the sidewalks as barriers. The patch is still quite healthy. You can see a new shoot coming up here:

Yesterday, I was at Bellevue Place, where my first office used to be, and was pleased to see that they’re growing real bamboo indoors now. Indoor bamboo is sometimes fake (or dead), and Bellevue Place used to have some fake bamboo as well as pictures of bamboo. Here is the new setup, you can still see the bamboo mural in the background (that’s not real timber bamboo), but you can tell that the bamboo in the containers is real by the new growth shooting up between the rocks (as well as the old leaves and husks):

The divider between the Hyatt and Bellevue Place is also starting to fill with the bamboo:

2 thoughts on “Season of New Bamboo”

  1. I guess I never explained why I like bamboo so much 🙂 Several reasons: First, the culms are beautiful, especially if you trim the side branches to a certain height on the inside of the grove. Second, the sound of the wind through the leaves and culms is very releaxing. Third, the ground inside the grove gets carpeted with fallen leaes and husks, sort of like the ground in an old growth pine forest — very aesthetically pleasing. Fourth, the silhouettes of the leaves and culms through my upstairs office window blinds when the sun shines from the west — like a painting, but alive, and tells me I’m getting some shade to reduce the air-conditioning bill. Fifth, it’s different than anything I’ve grown before, so it is somewhat new and challenging. Finally, sentimental value, as some of the varieties of bamboo have some memories with me.

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