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Yesterday we decided to try the newest restaurant close to Microsoft campus. The restaurant is a Korean place called “Seoul Hot Pot”, just down 152nd Avenue from building 42. (2560 152nd Ave NE, Redmond WA) Until last week, it was known as “Bar Shu”, and the sign hasn’t yet been changed. You can find it by looking for the big banner, or the “Bar Shu” sign until they replace it.

“Seoul Hot Pot” is the new restaurant owned by the former chef of Hosoonyi in Edmonds. For the past 8 years or so, it has been impossible to get good Korean food close to campus. The only restaurant was Olympic, which I thought was pretty bad, and so the only Korean places I visited were in Lynnwood or Edmonds. About a year ago, “Blue Ginger” came to Bellevue, and we finally have great Korean food. Blue Ginger is awesome, and stays packed, so it proved there is a market for good Korean food here. Hosoonyi was always one of my favorite Korean places, and I had high expectations.

The restaurant is reportedly packed at lunchtime; we went at dinner and the place was full by the time we left.

For starters, they bring out the Kimchee. They didn’t bring a lot, but it’s very good quality. The egg kimchee (picture on the left) is fried egg instead of custard.

One of the specialties of Hosoonyi was the pancakes. We normally get the seafood pancake, but decided to try the kimchee and pork pancake this time. The pancakes passed the test: delicious!

For my main dish, I ordered the spicy cod fish (the curry-looking dish above left). They were missing the fish head, so they charged only half. The fish was pretty good ? a very spicy sauce, with whole fish (minus head) atop turnips and tofu. If you’re not used to spitting fish bones, you might prefer the Corvina fish instead.

Service was attentive. The tea and water never ran out, and the instant the guy at the table next to us dropped his chopsticks the waiter brought new chopsticks without being asked.

Since it’s the first visit, I can’t comment on many dishes. But I think they will do well and coexist with Blue Ginger. They don’t have in-table grills for kalbi or frying plates for pork stomach like Blue Ginger does. The name “Seoul Hot Pot” implies that they want to specialize in Hot Pot, but they do not have hot pots. Even without specializing in hot pot (which Blue Ginger does adequately), I think they will do a good business in just the pancakes, fish, and lunchtime soon doo bo.


Update 8/28: They still haven’t changed the sign.  Have eaten at this place 5+ more times and taken more pictures with my camera phone.  Great place!

img103 img097 img096

Pork and pickled cabbage wrap.  This is a specialty.  Freekin’ amazing.  That is pickled cabbage; you stick pork and kimchee on it and eat.  The kimchee is hot, with raw (!) oysters in it.  VERY tasty!

img095 img106

I asked for spicy soon doo bo.  You drop the egg and seaweed in as it boils at your table.  Those are huge chunks of jalapeno.  It lives up to the “spicy” label!


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