Monthly Archives: July 2007

More Jingoist H1B Politics

USA Today, Fox News, and others are running blindly with the US government propaganda campaign, “Chinese Spying on the Rise!”  The message you are supposed to get is that “all Chinese high-tech workers in USA are spies”.  This is part of the ongoing battle of the politicians to kick out anyone with education and talent, […]

Lies or Insights?

I’ve been reading close to one book a week for the past year, and have nearly achieved Buddha-hood.  I’ll be reviewing them all here eventually, now that I have a trusty C-Pen. But today I am for the first time thinking of ditching a book on my self-assigned list.  I just started reading “Space and Place: The […]

Advice for Dealing with your Phone Company

 Sprint is now refusing service to customers who make too many support calls.  Verizon recently started shutting off people who use too much of the “unlimited” data plan.  In both cases, the phone company unilaterally changed the service policy without informing customers.  I would love to be able to unilaterally change the amount of money […]

Gore’s Cult of Reason

Al Gore’s latest book is called “The Assault on Reason“, and he makes the case that “Reason” alone is worthy of our praise and adulation, and furthermore is under assault by bad people who worship foreign Jewish gods.  Amazon sells it in a bundle with “God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything”. This kind […]

Kijiji in USA

Rafat Ali reports that Kijiji has quietly launched in the USA, ostensibly a competitor to Craigslist. Kijiji is owned by eBay, which also owns a big chunk of Craigslist. Just last month, I was talking with an eBay employee who spent the previous year in Shanghai working on Kijiji, and she didn’t give any hints […]

AlwaysOn Quality Consistency Issues

I can always count on AlwaysOn blogs to deliver me some interesting insights from the perspective of top industry businesspeople. But then, once a week or so, these completely random posts come across. WTF? Did someone publish this as a joke?