Monthly Archives: August 2007

Hulu: Candy on a Stick

News Corp and NBC’s joint venture now has a name, “Hulu”. It brings back the winter memories of street vendors in Beijing shouting out “Hulu! Huuuuu lu!  Bing Tang Hulu!”.  The little sing-song cry is as recognizable to Chinese kids as the good humor ice cream truck music here (If you hear ice cream truck […]

Best Chinese Restaurants near Microsoft

We don’t cook at home, and eat primarily Chinese.  We’ve helped many people relocating from China, San Francisco or San Jose find the good places to eat around here.  My wife and I have eaten at each of these places at least 10 times, and much more frequently in some cases.  This is just the […]

Best Pho Places near Microsoft

I eat Pho about twice per week on average; more often in the winter.  Pho is inexpensive beef noodle soup: rice noodles, beef, and broth.  A complete meal for about $5.  I usually get a mix of steak, brisket, and meatball, and mix in lots of jalapeno and lime.  My wife gets tripe, tendon, and […]

Anti-China Propaganda Orgy

The American news media is now fully in the grips of a bipartisan anti-China orgy of propaganda.  The collusion between parties is far more complete than anything I’ve ever seen in American media.  Every day, the crescendo gets worse.  Today I saw “specials” running on three different channels purporting to cover the “crisis” of dangerous […]

Vote for Fiddy!

In an Alec Baldwin-esque move, 50 cent has declared that he’ll quit the rap game if Kanye West outsells him.  Kanye West is a no-talent ass-clown poser with no real poetry, so I’m going to pre-order Fiddy’s new album now!

Anjani’s “Blue Alert” and Old Navy

Old Navy is currently running ads with Anjani’s “Blue Alert” as backdrop.  They have now ruined the best song on her latest album.  To hear it the way it was meant to be heard, visit her blog with your speakers turned on. The song lyrics are a poem written by Leonard Cohen.  It is pure […]

Nassim Nicodemus Taleb: The Black Swan & Fooled by Randomness

I’m going through my pile of finished books to review those worth recommending.  Both of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s books, “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable” and “Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets” are highly recommended.  Nassim Nicodemus Taleb is a man “in whom is no […]

Handwriting a Dying Art, Let’s Kill Truth Too

Purveyor of beauty Khoi Vinh laments the deteriorating state of his handwriting. I’ve noticed the same with my handwriting.  He and his readers draw the conclusion that beautiful writing is a casualty of technology.  I recently had a related insight, about technology’s impact on beauty in general. Tim Sneath recently helped the British Library digitize […]