Hulu: Candy on a Stick

hulu News Corp and NBC’s joint venture now has a name, “Hulu”.

It brings back the winter memories of street vendors in Beijing shouting out “Hulu! Huuuuu lu!  Bing Tang Hulu!”.  The little sing-song cry is as recognizable to Chinese kids as the good humor ice cream truck music here (If you hear ice cream truck music in Beijing, it means you are about to get sprayed by a street washer truck).  You can buy Hulu on every street corner for pennies.

You can see tasty pictures of Hulu.

The company is probably doomed, and probably will never be big in China.  But it’s a great name.  Better than Gu Ge.

(BTW, in this climate of alarm over Chinese food contamination, it is interesting to note that Tang Hulu vendors often sprinkle a bit of sand in the candy coating to make the hulu crunchier.  Sand!  In the food!  And people eat it without complaining!)

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