Monthly Archives: October 2007

Rabbit in the Moon

Congratulations to China for the launch of Chang’e, named after the tragic princess who flew to the moon with her little rabbit.  China beat India, but trails Japan. Besides having met some of the people working on this in China, the launch has additional personal significance to me since the moon festival is my wedding […]

du for Windows

I often need to get a list of the largest files and directories on my drive.  I always used the Unix ‘du’ command to do this — just du -k, sort in reverse and head 50.  When I switched to using Windows, I used the ‘du’ found in the Windows binaries of the gnu utilities, […]

China Rerouting Traffic to Baidu?

It’s amazing how behind-the-curve mainstream American media can be.  It seems that CNET is just now realizing that search traffic in China gets hijacked and re-routed. The article speculates that the Chinese government is doing this.  This is a pretty stupid speculation.  Last time I ran into this issue, I found that a Chinese government […]

Internet is Dead: Use “Interactive”

Scott Barnes suggests that the I in RIA is “Interactive”, not “Internet”, and he has the philosophy to back it up.  You need to read the whole post to get a clear picture, but it’s worth it. Maybe his blog should be called “Interactive Eye for the Internet Guy”. I’m a really peaceful and cooperative […]

The Wages of Reductionism

WTF is George W. Bush doing handing out the congressional “freedom” award to the Dalai Lama, the religious dictator head of a slave-owning cult?  Is this what he was elected to do?  “W” is a complete and utter embarrassment. Speaking of cults, I’ve been warning you about the dangers of Scrappy Dickie Dawkins and his […]

Reductionist Hubris

The main impediment to my writing reviews of the growing queue of finished books (more than 40 now), is the existence of new books to read.  Today I started reading “De La Mettrie’s Ghost”, by Chris Nunn. Rather than wait until completing the book to review it, and thus choosing yet another new book over review of […]

Goldendale Cabal Tomorrow

Geezer just had a kidney removed, so we’re making the pilgrimage to promote speedy recovery and “cabal it up” a bit. Kungfu is in Spain giving 10^10 talks, Kosmic and Robustai are occupied, but Boudreau and I make a quorum (and GBE, if you want to skip work just text me [# is in GAL] […]