Monthly Archives: November 2007

If You Had Only Two Months to Live

Jon Galloway has a post titled “Thanksgiving as a Lifestyle“, where he argues that we should be thankful for every second we have, and backs it up with three observations: The fact the you are alive is utterly improbable in the grand scheme of things.  Given what we think we know about evolution, the probability […]

Book Review: De La Mettrie’s Ghost

Excellent book.  I’m glad I didn’t get turned away by the materialist reductionism at the beginning.  Here is a summary: Materialist Views Chris Nunn is Associate Editor of the Journal of Consciousness Studies, and researcher and practitioner in the field.  He begins his book by giving a survey of what is known about consciousness.  He […]

You Aren’t What You Eat

A big “thank you” to whichever reader recommended I read “De La Mettrie’s Ghost”!  The recommendation was made in comments to another post 2 years ago, and I only recently got around to reading it.  In fact, I got annoyed with it at first, and put it down to finish a couple of other books.  […]