Monthly Archives: December 2007

Two Tricky Routines Using C# 3.0

I received a rather difficult puzzle for Christmas, and decided to cheat by writing a program to solve the puzzle. I decided to write two different C# programs to solve the puzzle, one imperative and one functional, and then compare in Python and Scheme. I wanted to see how easy functional programming is in C# […]

We Wish You a Merry Schiz-mas!

Nearly half of the kid’s at my child’s school have parents who work at Microsoft, but otherwise it is quite diverse. There are a couple of families from Palestine, one from Tibet, and the bulk coming from China, South and Central Asia, Middle East or Eastern Europe (in about that order). I’m not aware of […]

Design vs. Code

Today I discovered and took Andy Rutledge’s little designer quiz.  I got only two questions wrong, and one of them I knew the answer but got wrong on purpose (triangles suck!).  But this doesn’t mean I’m a designer.  It simply means that I’ve been immersed in design ideas for the past year.  If I had […]

The Month of Tragedies

Today was the funeral for a co-worker.  He was a year younger than me, with an infant son and two very sick parents.  A terrible tragedy, he was cut down by an undetected and unexpected illness with only a week or two of warning. The pastor at the funeral service exploited the tragedy to the […]

The Macropocalypse

Wow, this could be very, very ugly.  Years ago, I discussed the subprime situation with some CXOs from a couple of the biggest banks in the US, and they knew then that the day of reckoning would come.  They used words like “suicidal” to describe the banks who brought this mess upon us, and were […]