Monthly Archives: August 2010

Lucifer Trust

Postmodern divines often argue for a new version of spirituality that borrows from all “paths” and makes everyone happy. Since all religions contain portions of the truth, a Frankenstein that uses body parts from every religion will be universally appealing. Arguing that Christ was an avatar of Krishna could be an attempt to prove both […]

The Poetry of King James

I was completely off the grid in the wilderness last week, so I took the opportunity to read through “Figures of Speech: 60 Ways To Turn A Phrase” (as well as halfway through “Perception“). I bought the book based on this review by Dandelionsmith, HT: Unk. In “Figures of Speech“, Quinn introduces 60 different figures […]

Ben Bulben

Gyres run on; When that greater dream had gone Calvert and Wilson, Blake and Claude, Prepared a rest for the people of God, Palmer’s phrase, but after that Confusion fell upon our thought. Irish poets, learn your trade, Sing whatever is well made, Scorn the sort now growing up All out of shape from toe […]