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Postmodern divines often argue for a new version of spirituality that borrows from all “paths” and makes everyone happy. Since all religions contain portions of the truth, a Frankenstein that uses body parts from every religion will be universally appealing. Arguing that Christ was an avatar of Krishna could be an attempt to prove both religions false, but it can also be an attempt to form a new, hybrid religion.

Hilariously, one of the oldest and most persistent attempts at universal religion faced a major setback last week, when their anointed Messiah/Krishna/Maitreya turned the job down and called the organization “Bonkers”.

Back in the 20s, theosophists Alice Bailey and Benjamin Creme decided that it would be a swell idea to create a new religion that could be used to enforce world peace and world government. They originally called their foundation “Lucifer Trust”, after the Promethean “light bringer”, but later changed the name to “Lucis Trust”, while maintaining their offices at 666 United Nations Plaza.

I remember reading about them when I was a kid and seeking out some of their literature. For at least 30 years, Creme has been prophesying the return of Christ/Krishna/Maitreya in the form of a man from India. The group has had some wealthy and powerful backers and is run through a network of front organizations that would put any L. Ron Hubbard novel to shame. I’ve had a few completely serendipitous encounters with their initiatives in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and even in Remonstrans comments section. If you didn’t know who they were, you probably wouldn’t even notice — I’ve seen their stuff used by government organizations with no indication of it’s cult origin beyond a small “share international” mark at the bottom.

Well, Benjamin Creme is getting old, and it would be a shame if he drops dead before his new Messiah arrives and takes the mantle of Lucifer Trust. So, a couple of months ago, members of Creme’s organization announced that the Messiah had been identified as a Mr. Raj Patel, and author from San Francisco. Apparently, Patel had never heard of Benjamin Creme, and had absolutely no interest in playing Jesus on behalf of world peace. Last week, Creme finally made the trip to San Francisco to meet his new Jesus, and the two broke bread together. The New York Times reports:

They seemed impressed with each other, with Mr. Creme saying he found Mr. Patel quite intelligent and charming.

Mr. Patel had a different impression of Mr. Creme: “Bonkers.”

I literally LOL’d when I read this. “Impressed with each other”, indeed.

4 thoughts on “Lucifer Trust”

  1. That is hilarious! I share your humor. Thanks for the news. Craziness abounds. And not all craziness is equal.

    I think Universal Religions are a failure because those silly (bonker) folks who try to create them don’t understand that Religion is complexly organic.

    I agree, the frankenstein model, common among New Agers, is often doomed to failure.

    Here is how I envision the creation of successful religions:

    Imagine wells of paint that serves as voices for Sex, Politics, Morality, Fear of Death, Desire for Happiness, Desire for stability and safety etc… Various religions pull different quantities from each of these paints and paints an organic vital picture which satisfies some niche market.

  2. Yep. Absolutely awesome.

    I first thought you might be going down a Baha’i route or something, but this story is all the more bizarre.

    To an extent this is happening in milder forms in all religions now, not just in “universal religions”.

    Awesome find, man.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I don’t have as much personal experience with Baha’i as with some of these others, so that’s a big unknown in my mind.

  3. The Frankenstein model is silly.

    But the Pereninnialists like Nasr or Guenon have a point that is similar but different and more logical.

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