Monthly Archives: April 2011

Subtly Circular

Alexander Pruss writes today about a subtle sort of circular reasoning that can easily creep into discussions of metaphysics. I need to be careful about this one.

False Memories

Earlier this week, we ate matzah and told the story of Haggadah. Today, we attended Easter services, where we affirmed the historicity of Christ’s resurrection. Unique among world religions, Christianity and Judaism are obsessed with history. Jewish fathers are commanded to tell Haggadah to their children, and the story is meant to be taken as […]

The Death of Nick Charles

Today I read that a modern Nick Charles, the famous CNN sportscaster, is dying. Nick has a five year-old daughter who he’ll soon leave behind, and he’s using the few days he has left to spend time with her and record messages for her to remember him by. It’s a touching story that most parents […]