Monthly Archives: May 2011

When The Singularity Proves God

What will happen when the singularity discovers conclusive scientific proof for the existence of God? A thousand years ago, our greatest thinkers believed that the entire world testified to an intelligent creator. It was considered self-evident. Three hundred years ago, our best thinkers suspected that an intelligent creator was no longer self-evident, when viewed through […]

Are Autistic People Evil?

Simon Baron-Cohen is director of the Autism Research Center at Cambridge University, and has been instrumental in showing that Autism is caused by a defect in the empathy system. Now, Baron-Cohen is seeking to banish evil by boosting empathy: His proposal is that evil be understood as a lack of empathy — a condition he […]

Cauterize Your Empathy

This post is more personal than normal, and very long. The current medical consensus is that autism is caused, in part, by a malfunction of the mirror neuron system. My personal experience growing up tends to support this theory. I was born with an over-active empathy system. I would look at a person’s face and […]

Hardboiled Epistemology

Speaking about princesses, Unk says: A real princess must be an astonishing thing. And I think that because I’m a metaphysical realist. (I say that for all the hard-boiled out there who think it is fatuous of me: get a serious epistemology, idiots.) Like Unk, I am a metaphysical realist. I’m working hard on the […]