Monthly Archives: November 2011

Atheists are Cheats and Liars

Robin Hanson shares the results of a new survey showing that people distrust atheists, while they don’t distrust other groups which are often targets of discrimination (such as teh gays). Then, he shares experimental evidence showing that atheists are, indeed, more likely to cheat and lie. I am utterly shocked by the results. The paper […]

Walpurgis Nacht

One of my favorite passages in all of literature is from Faust: Das ist die Welt; Sie steigt und fällt Und rollt beständig; Sie klingt wie Glas- Wie bald bricht das! Ist hohl inwendig. Hier glänzt sie sehr, Und hier noch mehr: “Ich bin lebendig!” Mein lieber Sohn, Halt dich davon! Du mußt sterben! Sie […]

Schopenhauer in love

Schopenhauer famously argued that the fundamental reality of the universe is Will (with a capital W), and that our individual wills are just phenomena of this Will. He was a major influence on Nietzsche, and appeals to people who are fascinated by power, such as people who engage in S&M, cocaine addicts, and politicians. Schopenhauer’s […]


I recently read “The Quantum Thief“, by Hannu Rajaniemi, based on the recommendation of a friend. It was truly delightful. In just the first chapter, the author adapts ideas from at least 5 projects from the Santa Fe Institute, and there are references to cutting edge math, science, economics and philosophy topics on almost every […]


I can’t claim to be the 99%. I have done very well since America’s mortgage crisis ignited the world. But I support the Occupy movement. If the global situation were as it is today, back when I was entering the work force, I would have been burning things down. An entire generation has been robbed […]