Sade “Bring Me Home” and “Skin”

There is still some good poetry coming from the secular realm. Sade’s voice isn’t what it used to be, but her poetry is unimpeachable. This from “Bring Me Home“:

Put me on a plate with petals and a fire
And send me out to sea
Turn my angry sword against my heart
And let me free

The dawn holds the heaviness of the night
I’ve heard the restless sighs and lovers lies
The brook, the beach and seen the devil’s eyes
So bring me home

I’ve cried for the lives I’ve lost
Like a child in need of love

Oh, I’ve been so close but far away from God
My tears flow like a child’s in need of love
I’ve cried the tears so let the tide take me
I won’t fight, I’ve cried the tears

Lay me on the railway line
I’m far away from God

Or from Sade’s “Skin“:

Now as I begin
To wash you off my skin
I’m gonna peel you away
‘Cause you’re not right within

I love you so
Sometimes love has to let go
So this time don’t think it’s a lie
If I say goodbye

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